New Kids Leggings

Designed by an Aussie kid for Aussie kids, these high waisted Kids Leggings are manufactured by Oli Wood in sizes ranging from ages 2 - 12, and Adult Leggings for real Australian bodies.

Tested on toddlers nearly 3 years old+ being able to fit into the size 4 pairs, Oli Wood Leggings tick all our boxes of super soft and super stretchy fabric in amazingly bright designs.

An extra 2cm of added length makes them perfect for our growing kids, and the most comfortable and long lasting pairs of leggings in their wardrobes.

Super soft fabric, super stretchy and comfortable 7/8 -1 inch knitted elastic in the waistband so there's no rolling down. 

Reinforced stitching to secure the centre seam for front and back of Leggings.

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