So who are we?


'We' are mainly, me: Kira!

I like writing away on the site and on socials too. You'll also see my glam Mum face in a lot of product photos because of availability and some not so great time management skills of the photographer. Also me. 

Besides making super colourful outfits and accessories, I also love creating art through drawing and painting, and also writing.



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I used to be completely against TikTok, but it turns out I quite love it compared to other social platforms - the chaos and niche areas really grab my attention! So you'll find me showing a loooot of behind the business scenes there.



Sometimes 'we' includes my 3 year old who assists in the relocation and postage of packed orders, and sometimes she will supervise and micromanage me with many questions of 'What are you doing now?'. 


Sometimes my hubby, Simon, will also assist in the relocation of postage of packed orders, but usually gets the fortunate task of receiving numerous packages and delivering them to my desk with some unsolicited advice about the number of packages.


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He doesn't always work from home though, so, mostly me here!

And that is us, Lawless The Label.


Thank you for following along with us and if you're new here: welcome!

Our retail releases will be a little different in their offerings to how we used to run. And we'll be taking feedback along the way, and working on smoothing our new road we've been paving.

And we're seeeeew excited to start dropping more sewing puns! 




North Brisbane, Australia


A bald man, Simon, with sunglasses and grey singlet, with a lady with a hat on, Kira, in a green singlet and their daughter in floral print swimmers, with a white cake and sprinkles in front of them, the number 3 decoration and orange Bingo centrepiece. Womens ladies kids online size inclusive store incorporate handmade work and ready to wear manufactured garments for plus size and tall ladies.


General Enquiries: hello@lawlessthelabel.com.au

Contact phone: 0447 333 370 - please leave a voice or text message if we miss your urgent call regarding an order. 

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