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What does it mean when we say 'handmade'? 

Handmade in our terms includes the use of sewing, overlocker and coverstitch machines with all materials cut by us using rotary blades, electric scissors, and left-handed scissors, combined with garment patterns purchased for small business handmade use as well as self-drafted patterns of our own. This means you know exactly who made your clothes ethically and as sustainably as we can. 


When buying from ready made outfits, do I just choose my regular clothes size from shops for tops/skirts etc.?

We recommend checking and recording your measurements against our size chart for your recommended size in Lawless The Label ready made retail outfits. 

Our size chart may match your sizes you normally prefer in shops or they may be a higher size number: trust your measurements against our chart (always good to double check in case you read it from the wrong end of the measuring tape!). There is no universal size chart for clothing, and some mass manufactured fashion labels have vanity sizing which is when clothes are labelled with smaller sizes than what they actually are. Numbers are just numbers, and they're powerful when we know them to ensure great fits and total comfort.


I don't have a measuring tape, what do I do?

After checking the third drawer in the kitchen or your designated random drawer in your home, you have options to obtain a measuring tape by: asking a neighbour, grabbing one during your next shopping trip, or you can improvise with a piece of string or twine! Trim or mark it at your measurement, and then measure that length against a ruler - and it's always good to double check your measurements. If you have a printer you can even print and stickytape together your own measuring tape from this free printable site -


I would like a custom made outfit, how do I organise this with you?

We love custom orders to your measurements! If it is an outfit that you've seen on our socials that isn't a part of our ready made retail, you can see if the custom ordering listing is available at this page: and if it is, you can order through that listing. 

If we don't have any custom order listings available there, please reach out to us by our contact button (orange and probably hovering near the bottom right hand corner of your screen) or email us at 

There are outfits we don't take on for custom orders which include garments with snaps, zips and full placket buttons/shirt openings as we cater for easy wearing, stretchy and size inclusive styles that will last across seasons and also changes with our bodies. This doesn't include our accessories that may use snaps, zips or buttons, or back finishes on outfits with a single button and loop.

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